InfoCrank 110BCD has a 30mm spindle and is compatible with 68mm wide BB30, PF30, BB86, OSBB (see note below), or BSA (English Threaded) frames. Please see attached guide for specific frame notes.

InfoCrank is NOT compatible with a BB30/PF30 bike bearing set up that is already pre-installed. The Praxis M30 Bottom bracket must be installed with the InfoCrank 110BCD.

You will need to replace any BB30/PF30 bike bearing set up with the Praxis M30 bottom bike bracket, which is provided with your InfoCrank 110BCD. The 30mm InfoCrank spindle only functions with Praxis M30 bottom brackets.

Your bike frame needs to have one of the three options:

> A bike frame with ‘standard’ BB30 (42mm plain bore with no intrusions x 68mm wide WITH the circlips).

> A bike frame with ‘standard’ PF30 (46mm plain bore with no intrusions x 68mm wide).

> A bike frame that accepts OSBB and does not have preinstalled bottom bracket. Inner shell must be bare. Please contact to see if your Specialized® frame meets above requirements.

> A bike frame with English threaded 68mm wide BB.

If you have a BB30 that does not have the circlips, or a PF30/OSBB that does not have a clean bore all the way through the frame, the Praxis M30 bottom bracket provided will not work.

If you have a BB86, your frame may be compatible with the M30 BB86 bearings, but these are available in-store with Verve Affiliates and Praxis Dealers only. The Verve Store will not sell online the BB86 bearings.

The InfoCrank 110BCD with the 30mm spindle is now compatible with BBRight (Cervelo) and BB386evo. We've teamed up with Ceramic Speed to create a solution for these standards. Please contact your sales rep or for more info. 

Trek BB90 and Cannondale BB30A currently require InfoCrank Classic fitted with our 24mm spindle. Bottom bracket is not included or supplied.