No! No zeroing or calibrating is required. If, out of habit, you re-zero, tare or press Calibrate every day, that’s also fine, but it is not necessary, and if performed incorrectly it could alter the accuracy of your left/right balance readings. In the event of a major bike crash directly impacting the crank, you can use your ANT+ enabled device to calibrate InfoCrank.

To calibrate InfoCrank correctly:

1. Crank arms must be vertical.

2. Chain must be placed on SMALLEST chainring available.

3. Bike must NOT be moving.

4. Do not put weight on pedals and cranks.

Here's an example of what you would see if your crank has been incorrectly calibrated:

If the cranks were tared while horizontal, the weight of the pedal and crank arm on the strain gauges adds approximately 100 grams to the zero reading. At 90 cadence, 100 grams is equivalent to 1.6 Watts. If the rider was producing 100 Watts then the balance would show as 98/2. If the rider now rode using the other leg, it would show 0/100 balance.

For questions or concerns regarding calibration please email