First, check you have fresh batteries installed on both sides of the InfoCrank.

Second, spin the crank arms and ensure you can see the LED light flash when passing the cadence magnets. If you do not see a LED light, your batteries may be dead or the cadence magnet may not be in the right place.

Cadence magnets must sit as close to the domed transmitted on the back of your InfoCrank as possible without interfering with the chainrings. Hanging magnets will always sit in the right place, however extra care must be taken when using adhesive magnets or bolted on magnets.

Third, once you can see that the LED light flashes when passing the cadence magnet on both crank arms, pair with your bike computer and apply force to the pedals.

If you cannot see cadence or power, please follow the steps in the General Diagnostics Test.

Your InfoCrank might have the Magnet Free RevUp firmware already installed. If so, have a look at our RevUp firmware FAQ