First, rotate cranks to assure LED light flashes when magnets pass. If not, check battery life.

If using o-synce got to: setup>sport profile>name of profile>sensors>power

You may pair sensors individually or pair all sensors at the same time by pressing "Pair all". The head unit will then search for all local ANT+ sensors within 10 meter radius of head unit. Be sure there are no other ANT+ signals within 10 meters of head unit.

Select the sensor you want to pari or setup in the desired sport profile. The following functions are available:

> "Connected (yes/no)" indicates an already existing connection to a sensor.

> "Sensor ID" shows you the identification number of paired sensor (Often this number is also the serial number of InfoCrank)

> "Enabled (yes/no)" allows you to decide if the paired sensor will be used or not. If you change an active (yes) to "no", the device will no longer search for the enabled sensor and will ignore it.

> "Pair Again" starts a new search for sensors within the 10 meter radius and pairs if device is active.

> "Calibration" is only possible in power sensor setup and used to "Calibrate".

> "Sensor Info" is where you find additional info such as battery power level if sensor supplies such information.