This is a mode called Boot Loader. If the crank is left in Boot Loader mode, the batteries will drain fast. Boot Loader mode is used in firmware updates, and turns on when the cover is tightened down on powered batteries. 

To turn Boot Loader mode off and switch InfoCrank into Normal Operating mode, simply pass a magnet over the domed transmitter (Radio Frequency Transmitted) on the back of your InfoCrank arm. Once the magnet has triggered the domed transmitted, the fast flashing LED should turn to a solid light and then shut off.


The LED light will flash every time the magnet passes the InfoCrank for the first five minutes of operation. To save power, after five minutes of consistent cadence triggers, the LED light will stop flashing. 

If you have concerns that your cadence magnets are not triggering the InfoCrank, be sure to leave the crank still for at least five minutes before testing again. 


If your cadence magnets have been triggering the InfoCrank for more than five minutes in Normal Operating mode, the LED light will no longer flash. This is designed to save power as you ride. 

If your crank has been asleep (no cadence triggers) for at least five minutes, and there is no light when passing a cadence magnet over the domed transmitted, ensure:

1. Cadence magnets are close enough to the domed transmitted

2. Your batteries are not drained


If the crank is showing these light sequences there may be some trouble shooting required. You may need to:

1. Check battery life by following the steps in the General Diagnostics Guide

2. Remove and replace the cover, and follow the steps above to turn Boot Loader mode off and switch InfoCrank into Normal Operating mode.


The LED lights functionality may differ if you are on our Magnet Free RevUp firmware revision. Please follow the link below for more information.